Get Ready for Hybrid Work

Hybrid Work is an opportunity to collaborate more sustainably and with inclusion and accessibility. So, let's make hybrid work well!

More and more organisations choose hybrid work models, a combination of remote and in-person working. 38% of people have worked from home in the last week alone. And how we work together in this changing environment is crucial.

A large part of efficient hybrid work is about running effective hybrid meetings. But how do you do that when some attendees are in the office while others are at home? More importantly, how can you make the meetings feel inclusive for the whole team?

At PlacesWork, we use our combined expertise as change management & leadership consultants to help organisations and professionals make hybrid work efficient for everyone.

Get ready for hybrid work with expert guidance from PlacesWork. Choose from our range of bespoke workshops, 1-to-1 coaching and online courses for organisations and professionals and get started today!

Strategic Consultation

Is your organisation ready for Hybrid?

Why choose hybrid work?

Why Choose Hybrid Work?Hybrid work solutions have created a lot of opportunities by allowing us to combine working in an office and working remotely. But it has also added complexity to the way we work and communicate with each other. 

Whether you're representing an organisation or are a passionate individual who wants to drive change in practice and culture, we are here to help!

Why Hybrid Meetings are Crucial for Hybrid Work

Hit the Ground Running

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Read what some of our previous participants have said about our courses:

Organisational Culture and Development program

Brenda Black, CEO

"The course has given me confidence and conviction to plan ahead and now feel that I am in a position where I can confidently reason and justify the need and reason for the changes i would like to implement. I also feel that this is information will be useful for staff and will enable them to have a better understanding about what we are hoping to do and their role within this."

Training Trainers course

Lois Ratcliffe, Lead Trainer, Public and Private sectoraining

"The course was very useful in learning the dos and don'ts as well as how to design a programme including all learning styles."

PlacesWork Facilitation

Alan, Regional Director, Triodos Bank, Board member at Hybrid Development Strategy Days

"This was the best Hybrid meeting I have ever been to and great facilitation of the board and executive in developing the strategic direction" July 2022

Duncan as a Consultant

David Brookfield, CEO, Birchwood Highland

"Duncan's consultancy has provided me with real pearls of advice and inspirational ideas to put into practice in my work as CEO. His style is both relaxed and challenging and after each session I come away feeling invigorated and inspired. I thoroughly recommend anyone to work with Duncan if your role involves leadership"

PlacesWork Coaching

Nichola Brown, Founder, PlayPEACE

"I always feel uplifted and energised by our coaching sessions . I thought you'd like to know i woke up the following morning with lots of energy and ideas flying around and a key phrase in my head . Feel free to use as a strapline . ...put simply , Coaching with you (Duncan) feeds my soul . "

How we help:

  • Hybrid meeting audit and assessment

  • Online courses

  • Training & learning programmes

  • Remote working consultancy

  • 1-to-1 Hybrid meeting consultancy

  • Content and communication services

Why PlacesWork

The culture change and opportunities brought by flexible working solutions and hybrid meetings also bring a lot of questions, challenges and decisions. To help organisations and individuals adapt to and benefit from this change, facilitator & trainer Duncan Wallace has created PlacesWork.

With his background in change management, organisational development & leadership, he has teamed up with experienced business consultants to help you master the many pitfalls of hybrid meetings – from the right technology to tools for effective communication and productivity.
PlacesWork – Get Ready for Hybrid Work

Working with us

Practical & Interactive

  • Understand

    Find out about the key elements that make a successful hybrid working.

  • Assess

    Evaluate the challenges, opportunities & needs for your organisation.

  • Learn

    Master the strategies, tools & available technology for engaging meetings.

  • Apply

    Plan, prepare for & deliver successful hybrid working and meetings for your team.

  • Evaluate

    Critically reflect & evaluate the implications of this for your future practice.